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Jitra Thai Cuisine, Roseville

Jitra Thai Cuisine presents its customers with an authentic Thai culinary experience. Chef Jitra Suantavee has honed her skills in the art of Thai cooking while operating her San Francisco restaurant for the past ten years.

The new restaurant in Roseville was designed to highlight her bold creations in the kitchen: Gentle curving planes, and a subtle palette of materials make the rooms feel intimate without compromising their spatial distinction; Bright punctuations of color reflect the unique surprises of Thai cuisine; Lighting balances the flavors of space and color by revealing and blending each in a warm ambient glow.

Location:Roseville, CA
Mechanical Engineers:Higash and Associates, San Francisco
General Contractor:SW Bailey Construction, Rancho Cordova
Booth Manufacturer:Commercial Seating Specialists, San Jose
Fabric Supplier:Design-Tex, San Francisco
Glass Mosaic Tiles:Ann Sacks
Entry Tile:Bisazza Logos
Carpet:J&J Commercial Center Stage
Wood Paneling:Smith & Fong Plyboo
Pendant Fixtures:Taller Uno Relfexion
Architectural Construction
Furniture Budget:$9,000